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Make business transforming decisions and allocate the resources and budgets to make it happen.

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Balanced scorecard is a business management concept that transforms both financial and non-financial data into a detailed road map that helps meet long term and short term objectives.

The Synergise Balanced Scorecard links your strategy to your business metrics, both quantity and quality based, allowing you to set, track, and achieve your business objectives.


 Align the organisation by communicating and implementing business strategy

Build and cascade multiple enterprise scorecards

View critical interdependencies among the business units that deliver value to the customer

Track against and analyse strategic scorecard performance

Integrate with corporate e-mail, including automatic forwarding of assessments, reminders and alerts

Capture and communicate both obvious and tacit knowledge for exception-driven problem solving

Customise reporting and export to Microsoft Excel

Track key milestones relating to strategic initiatives and projects

Visualise objectives and measures against mapping locations

High level scorecard dashboards with key measures overview

Easily integrate with enterprise data sources and systems

Access your scorecard via the desktop, web, tablet or smartphone device


turning strategy into actionable information

The methodology drives business success at senior management and operational levels by enabling analysis, measurement, and communication of critical information throughout the organisation, leading to strategic alignment of corporate objectives, organisational resources and employee actions.

Key business drivers are maintained, business stakeholders kept informed and robust feedback mechanisms are provided to ensure ongoing strategic performance.

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