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Who we are

We are the specialists in collating and reporting information that adds real value to your business.


For 16 Years Synergise BI has been an Information Technology company in the Enterprise Business Intelligence Software and Solutions market place. The Customer and the realisation of their BI Vision is of paramount importance to us. We have many satisfied customers and they are at the heart of everything we do. Synergise BI personnel have implemented Enterprise Performance Management solutions and Analytical applications in large private companies and public sector organizations in the United Kingdom and rest of Europe and beyond for the last 30 years.

We provide Synergise Balanced Scorecard for business strategy development and implementation to achieve company strategic vision and long term goals. This is complemented by the Synergise Performance Management suite which optimises business performance across all divisions and departments supported by numerous Analytical Applications. We also offer a full range of services ranging from Management and Technical Consultancy to Implementation and Training Services. Additionally we provide cloud based deployment and hosting options and also develop solutions with other BI platforms.

Synergise BI have developed KPI dashboards, scorecards, financial and budgeting applications, risk management, sales, marketing, customer analysis, geographical analysis, local government and nhs performance management systems and more including data warehouse solutions. Our business relationships, experience and knowledge from working on European and International projects facilitate the provision of first class "off the shelf" and customised solutions.


Synergise BI personnel also have had over 25 years experience of the GENTIA software product.

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Reducing Risk and Providing Clarity

We reduce the risk of business underperformance by reporting data meaningfully and in a way that helps you better understand your business.


Creating Complete Visibility

We transition our customers from limited visibility and control to a transparent, absolute control environment. Allowing our customers to make informed business decisions based on real data.

our solutions

Our solutions platform is easily deployed across the many locations in your organisation, utilising existing hardware in your organisation or located on secure, remotely managed servers. Comprehensive training is provided and can be tailored to your requirements.

We operate a scalable, adaptable technology platform, which evolves as your requirements change.

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