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Synergise Performance Analytics software enables optimisation of an organizations goals and activities in an effective and efficient manner. It allows data driven insights to be actioned to implement tasks and processes across departments increasing revenue and adding real value.


Our enterprise performance management solutions perform across all industries and departments, empowering people with data driven actionable insights. Discovering new opportunities, effeciencies, customer preferences thus maximising revenue our platform delivers high value driving the business forward.


We operate a scalable, adaptable technology platform, which evolves as your requirements change utilising your own hardware or cloud servers. Supporting most hardware and software platforms, browsers and deployment to tablets and smartphones.




The Synergise Balanced Scorecard - building on the first automated Scorecard (with input from Kaplan and Norton), the originators of the Balanced Scorecard, is the only balanced scorecard software application that encapsulates the Balanced Scorecard methodology and optimises it to implement the company strategy and improve your business performance.

purchase options

We've created a number of purchase options for you to choose from. From small business packages right the way through to corporate tailored solutions, we have something for everyone.


license software


  • Licence fee one payment

  • Annual payment option

  • Entry level 5 user systems

  • Support and Software Updates fee - 20% per annum

  • Hosted Application or running locally


Saas - Software as a Service

  • Per user per month 

  • Entry level 5 user system 

  • Frequent software updates

  • Cloud hosted                    

  • Full Support included


full flexibility to tailor custom solutions

  • Full flexibility to provide highly tailored solutions

  • Custom solutions available

  • Volume discounts provided

  • Site Licence and Multiple Servers by Geography

  • No confusing licensing models

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