What is Enterprise Performance Management?


Synergise Performance Management provides significant business performance improvements through the alignment, development and ongoing management of an organisations strategy.

Synergise's Performance Management solution allows companies to effectively measure and manage their business operations. The software provides executives, managers and knowledge workers with the information and insight necessary to capitalise on new opportunities and quickly resolve business challenges before they affect the bottom line.

Synergise’s Performance Management solution transforms the data buried in operational systems into useful, actionable information.

Complementing the Balanced Scorecard with rigorous analytics. Key Performance Indicators are used to drive qualitative and quantitative analysis across the enterprise.

Where we do not have a ready made application we are able to use our technology to produce Performance Management applications. This would be conducted as a Consultancy project and customised to meet needs.

Performance Management Features

  •  Track key performance Indicators proactively or via automated analysis agent.
  •  Set system-wide and user-defined performance thresholds.
  •  Apply weightings to measures.
  •  Conduct benchmark, performance and trend analyses with support for multiple measures.
  •  Perform ad-hoc and 'what if' analysis.
  •  Record essential qualitative information.
  • Analyse data through filtering, slicing and dicing, and drill-down capabilities.
  •  Define calculation rules, including automatic year-to-date calculations.

Synergise Performance Management offers unrivaled scope for ensuring business requirements are fulfilled at every level of the organisation.

SynergiseBI Suite of Analytical Applications

  • KPI Dashboard and portal implementation
  • Financial, Budgeting and Planning
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Sales and Geographical Analysis
  • Human Resource
  • Transport and Logistics and more..